We are under no illusions about how difficult it can be to make sustainable mindset change happen in Southeast Asia.

Especially, when many of the behavioral changes that Global Companies seek from their employees (for example – greater transparency, ownership, and accountability) go directly against local cultural norms such as saving face, reverence to hierarchy, and avoidance of conflict.

Sadly most attempts to get local teams to become more engaged and productive struggle to move the needle forward. It’s the same old story. Employees resist, managers are forced to micromanage, and any performance improvements are only short-lived.

Yet another consultant or training program that fails to deliver on its promises.


That is why, over the past 8 years, we have learned to significantly modify our mindset change programs so they are more ‘culture appropriate’ for how the vast majority of employees in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia respond to change.

Through the process of trial and error, we are now able to bypass all the major change management mistakes that most companies make when attempting to create more accountable and proactive local teams without the need for senior leaders to constantly follow up.

As a result, the organizations that we have worked with have been able to experience sustainable improvements in their team’s engagement and productivity levels in just a few weeks of starting our programs without overwhelming or burning out their teams.

"Mike is an excellent collaborator, he listens and builds on the direction and objectives of the project. As a client, am very satisfied with the output and impact of the innovation blitz we’ve worked on and am looking forward to working with him again in more future-proofing endeavors. "
Albert Don Gozar
Head of OD
"It was unlike any other leadership program I've ever attended. It was customized for our team and challenged you to think and express yourself while inspiring you to learn from your colleagues. It has helped me to have greater self-awareness, particularly to be more attentive to the impact I have on others."
April Flores
April Flores
Communication Manager
"Honestly, working with the KLA team has changed my mindset about leadership. Before, I thought that pushing people hard was the only way to get results. Now, I know that there are smarter ways to get the best out of my team that will create more effective and sustainable results."
Hamza Hamioud
Hamza Hamioud
Customer Service Manager



50% decrease in attrition
in less than 7 months

35% increase in productivity
in less than 4 months

42% reduction in cycle time
in less than 3 weeks

75% increase in NPS
in less than 6 months

12 hours of executive time freed
up every week in less than 2 months

44% increase in quality
in less than 3 months


We use a scientific-based approach to behavioral change combined with the best practices from Lean Management and Continuous Improvement to ensure we effectively implement and prioritize the most appropriate best practices for each client.

For example, we have found that helping local managers and supervisors see their blind spots and unlearn the traditional leadership beliefs that hold them back, is critical to ensuring that the new culture of high-performance becomes sustainable.

That is why for each client, we assign a dedicated number of expert coaches and consultants from our team, matching their skills and experience with the specific needs of the organization.

We do not believe that simply ‘copy and pasting’ what we did for another organization is what is in the best interest of our clients. When it comes to making change stick, in the fastest way possible, each organization needs a customized approach unique to them.


  • How do we prepare our leaders so they are open to change?

Melt: Create a safe environment for leaders to unlearn the limiting beliefs that are holding them back (see their blind spots & get to the real root causes of underperformance).

  • How do we ensure we do not overwhelm our leaders? 

Kaizen: Meet people where they are at, Start with why, Build on existing strengths, Keep it simple (small wins), Progress not Perfection (1% Better Everyday).

  • How do we ensure that the changes stick? 

Freeze: Focusing on ‘updating’/’rebooting’ the existing channels for communicating performance and problems is the fastest and simplest way to introduce new habits into a team.


We do not believe that simply ‘copy and pasting’ what we did for another organization is what is in the best interest of our clients.

We use a scientific-based approach to diagnose each organization’s unique situation to ensure that any solutions we propose are tailored to their specific priorities and objectives.

That is one of the reasons why we can guarantee our clients that they will see a measurable and sustainable improvement in their most important KPIs, if not, we will work for free until this has been achieved.

"At first, I thought implementing these best practices from KLA would be too time-consuming and something not applicable to our industry. But I was wrong. It really helped us. The tailor-fit solutions easily became a natural part of our daily routine."
Ophel Estupigan
Department Manager
"Initially, I was worried about how my employees would respond as they were already feeling fatigued by so much change. But I am so proud of how they have embraced these new techniques and tools from KLA. They are now more open, honest, and transparent. This new mindset has directly led to better results for our business."
Andy Calalang
Andy Calalang
IT Delivery Manager
"Before we started the program by KLA, I was concerned that my staff would consider this as additional work. But I was surprised at how quickly they embraced it and how fast we were able to see measurable improvement in performance."
Lesly Lampano
Lesly Lampano
Procurement Director