Specializing in Mindset Change in Southeast Asia

Specializing in Mindset Change
in Southeast Asia

We Help Growth-Focused Executives
Accelerate Employee Productivity
(without the need for micro-management)

Past Clients Include

What Local Leaders Are Saying

Alynna Delgado
Customer Service Manager

Alynna Delgado
Customer Service Manager

“KLA helped my team develop a continuous improvement mindset. They no longer have a silo mentality, as they now see the bigger picture and look for ways to work together more effectively to add more value to the rest of the organization.”

“Initially, I was worried about how my employees would respond as they were already feeling fatigued by so much change. But I am so proud of how they have embraced these new techniques and tools from KLA. They are now more open, honest, and transparent. This new mindset has directly led to better results for our business.”

Andy Calalang

Andy Calalang
IT Delivery Manager

Andy Calalang
IT Delivery Manager

Lesly Lampano

Lesly Lampano
Procurement Director 

Lesly Lampano
Procurement Director

“Initially, I was concerned that my staff would consider this as additional work. But I was surprised at how quickly they embraced it and how fast we were able to see measurable improvement in performance.”

“At first, I thought implementing these best practices would be too time-consuming and something not applicable to our industry. But I was wrong. It really helped us. The tailor-fit solutions easily became a natural part of our daily routine.”

Ophel Estupigan
Department Manager

Ophel Estupigan
Department Manager

Ryan Charland

CEO, Manulife

I have worked with KLA in the Philippines and Indonesia, and in both cases, I saw a significant shift in the proactiveness and ownership levels within our teams resulting in a measurable improvement in how we serve our customers.

“I am extremely pleased with the exceptional quality of the workshops and coaching delivered by KLA. They have empowered our leaders to create a tangible positive impact within our business.”

Vera Lorenzo

HR Head, Lufthansa

The 10 most common workforce problems
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Rica Jankulovski

CEO, Remote Staff

“Our leadership team has seen significant benefits from going through KLA’s programs. The changes in mindset have had a measurable effect on the way our team communicates and works together.”

“KLA helped us experience a rapid culture change that enabled our local employees to take more pride and accountability for their work. The result was a huge improvement in our on-time delivery rates (from 35% to greater than 92%) and our right-first-time rates (from 67% to greater than 95%).”

Kees Bruinsma

CEO, Choose Your Shoes

The benefits our clients experience
after implementing our programs

Robert Hansen

Robert hansen

Plant Manager, Eaton Corp.

“The KLA team’s knowledge of lean management and sensitivity to local culture merged beautifully together to help kickstart the transformation in our operations. We saw a massive improvement in our team’s engagement and productivity levels. More importantly, we were able to sustain it after our contract with KLA expired.”

“Mike and his team facilitated numerous workshops and trainings for the European Chamber, our members, and clients. I had the chance to participate in some of these sessions and was amazed about how KLA can bring even complex topics across in a simple easy and digestible way. The takeaway from his courses really helped me in improving myself.”

Florian Gottein

Executive Director, ECCP


We don’t do generic lectures or courses.
Everything we do is 100% customized to our client's needs.

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We guarantee our clients will see a significant improvement
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