Modifying Global Best Practices
for the Filipino Workforce

Kaizen Leadership Asia - Mike Grogran Principal Consultant

“We specialize in helping Western-owned companies in the Philippines create more accountable and proactive teams
(without needing to micromanage).”

MIKE GROGAN, Principal Consultant at
Kaizen Leadership Asia


You want your local managers and supervisors to take more ownership and accountability.

You need to spend less time on operational escalations and more time on strategic activities that grow and protect your business.

You want to reduce employee attrition and increase team productivity without creating overwhelm.

You want a tailor-fit solution that will work for your business, not a copy-paste of what other organizations have done.

You can’t afford to start another training program that will just create more resistance or unsustainable results.

You need your team to be more resilient and proactive so that they are better equipped to manage future changes.

Ariel Magtoto

Ariel Magtoto

Chief Operating Officer


Within the first 90 days of partnering with Mike and his team, we saw rapid improvements in our service levels (up to 4x), error rate (reduced by 3x), and employee engagement (up by 20%). I highly recommend working with Mike to any organization in the Philippines or Southeast Asia that is looking to make a sustainable change in their team’s performance in the fastest way possible.

Cristina Romagnoli

General Manager

Choose Your Shoes

The tailor-fit program that Mike and his team created for us has massively changed my staff. I was so impressed to see how these new leadership principles have been embedded into them and reflected in the way they work. It has unquestionably helped them become more confident and efficient.

Robert Hansen

Robert Hansen

Plant Manager


Partnering with Mike and his team has been very helpful in giving our team a new mindset about collaboration and continuous improvement. His customized program has definitely helped us meet our business targets and keep our customers satisfied.


We have observed that the majority of Western-owned companies operating in the Philippines, that try to implement global best practices to improve the leadership skills and effectiveness of their local managers and supervisors, still struggle to get anywhere near the potential breakthrough results that they are capable of.

One of the biggest reasons why this happens is because most management training programs are not customized to local ways of thinking and use outdated approaches to developing leaders. This results in unsatisfactory outcomes as the root causes of underperformance are never addressed.

That is why, over the past 7 years, we have learned to significantly modify our approach to enhancing leadership skills in the Philippines, so that improvements in team performance happen rapidly and organically without the need for micro-management, overwhelm, or disrupting day-to-day operations.



Managing Filipino Teams Book by Mike Grogan


Tony Becker

Tony Becker

Company President

GN Power

I think the biggest change I have seen in our employees after working with Mike and his team is that it has significantly increased their self-awareness and focus to help them do their work better in a more collaborative way. I believe having the program customized to our specific needs really made a difference.

Giorgio Arceo

Digital Marketing Head

Paramount Insurance

The training is very practical. It makes you assess yourself as a person and as a leader. It actually kind of changes you immediately because the activities given are very relatable and actionable. It helped me to realize that leadership, at the end of the day, is about who you are. It’s you as a person and how you deal with different types of people. You can’t pretend to be a good leader. It’s about character and integrity.

Ryan Charland

Ryan Charland

President and CEO


Working with Mike had a tremendous impact on my team’s performance, in terms of making sure that our service levels for our customers’ interactions and sales targets are meeting the daily KPI rates. The renewed focus and daily visibility have driven a lot of improvements.

Modifying Global Best Practices for the Filipino Workforce

Kaizen Leadership Asia with Mike Grogan