50% decrease in attrition
in less than 7 months

35% increase in productivity
in less than 4 months

42% reduction in cycle time
in less than 3 weeks

75% increase in NPS
in less than 6 months

12 hours of executive time freed
up every week in less than 2 months

44% increase in quality
in less than 3 months

Cristina Romagnoli

GM, Choose Your Shoes

“The tailor-fit program that KLA created for us has massively changed my staff. I was so impressed to see how these new leadership principles have been embedded into them and reflected in the way they work. It has unquestionably helped them become more confident and efficient.”

Jason Little

Jason Little

CIO, Manulife

“Workplace culture in Asia can traditionally be very hierarchical and task-oriented. So working with KLA was really effective in helping us break down these barriers and create a psychologically safe environment, where ideas are shared and people can freely ask for help.”

Fernando Poe

General Manager and President, Troycor Lighting Corporation

“Without hesitation, KLA was a big help to my team – they helped us create and sustain a new work culture of openness and accountability. I feel proud that other companies now visit us to see how we have applied these best practices we learned from KLA.”