Executive Site Visit to Troycor

Leading a team in the Philippines? Looking for new ways to create a more proactive and collaborative workforce without the need for micromanagement?

If yes, then the upcoming ‘Executive Site Visit’ to Troycor Lighting Corporation in Clark, Pampanga, could be the most inspiring offsite trip that you experience this year!


June 18, 2024

Tuesday, 8:00AM to 11:00AM


Troycor Lighting Corp.

Industrial Estate 5, M. A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport, Angeles, Pampanga


100% free

No hidden fees or charges, registration is strictly by invitation only.


Max of 3 pax per company

Tour is limited to a total of 15 visitors.

ABOUT Troycor Lighting Corporation

Troycor Lighting Corporation is an American supplier of high-end decorative lighting for the residential and hospitality industry. Its manufacturing facility in Clark, Pampanga, with more than 500 employees is one of the best examples of a continuous improvement culture in the Philippines.

Troycor has kindly agreed to allow leaders from other organizations to visit its facility to see with their own eyes the best practices Troycor is using to make its employees more engaged, proactive, and accountable (without the need for micromanagement).

There is no registration fee or hidden charges for this visit. Just a way for Troycor’s leaders to pay it forward, by helping others, implement the same strategies and tactics that have worked for Troycor to create a breakthrough in employee engagement and productivity.

Who Should Attend



Biggest thing that surprised me was the degree of engagement and buy-ins from the rank and file to the guy at the top.
David Prichard
Director of Customer Service and Operations, The Nile Group
The discipline of building the culture of having a safe space for everyone is what surprised me the most.
Karen Calalec
COO, Paperspace
What I really liked was, the voice of the employee, the voice of the customer, and the voice of the business partner were consistently discussed which are for me the key factors for the success of the company.
Alex Nandwani
Director, Auram Universal Limited
My key take away here is the psychological safety or psychological well-being of everyone - all levels.
Anton Dator
COO, Manila Comisario Central Inc.
A big learning for me is they switch people around, which I believe creates an environment where everybody is entitled to have a voice in the company hence, lead to results.
Rami Chahwan
COO, Three Bears Group
What surprised me the most is the element of psychological safety, being able to have the people speak their minds and take a lot of accountability for the things that they're accountable for.
Vera Mylene Lorenzo
HR Head, Lufthansa Services Philippines


As we are limiting the size of the tour to 15 people (maximum of 3 people per company), for now, the upcoming site visit on 18th June 2024 is by invitation only.

Priority will be given to those companies who have a greater interest in creating a continuous improvement culture in their own company  – for example, by committing senior executives time to attend the tour.

Looking forward to seeing you in Troycor!

Kind Regards,

Rach Bautista

Client Service Manager