At Kaizen Leadership Asia, we specialize in helping multinational companies in the Philippines create an environment where your employees do the right thing even when no one is watching.

Our unique approach in helping Filipino supervisors and managers create these significant improvements in the effectiveness of their teams has been born from both our successes and failures in working with more than 100,000 employees from dozens of MNC’s and SME’s across Southeast Asia in the past 7 years.

Through the process of constant reflection and adjustment with each assignment, we discovered major insights and practical tools that organizations in the Philippines can use to fast-track the creation of more accountable, reliable, and innovative teams without disrupting day-to-day operations.

After partnering with Kaizen Leadership Asia, my team now has a continuous improvement mindset that has allowed them to become far better at working together to solve problems. They no longer have a silo mentality, as they now see the bigger picture and look for ways to add more value to the rest of the organization.
Alynna Delgado
Customer Service Manager - Manulife
Our factory in the Philippines with over 500 employees was under performing in the past. Mike Grogan was a great help in helping us to implement Kaizen by training the management and setting up short daily follow-up meetings with all employees. The culture changed to more involvement of all employees and a more proactive approach in handling problems. The result was a huge improvement in both the delivery performance as well as the quality, helping us to become the world leader in our industry.
Kees Bruinsma
CEO - Choose Your Shoes
Mike has helped my team in streamlining our operations and improving our quality of services through his hands-on approach and training. For me, as an Expat in the Philippines, it has been enormously helpful to work with Mike as he understands the Filipino culture very well and helped me to adjust my management approach.
Marc Daubenbuechel
Marc Daubenbuechel
Managing Director - Raintree Care



The benefits of Western management practices and Japanese-inspired improvement methodologies (such as Kaizen, Lean Management, Six Sigma, TQM and Agile) are well-documented.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of multinational companies in Southeast Asia that attempt to implement these international standards still struggle to get anywhere near the potential breakthrough results that they are capable of.

It’s the same old story. Employees resist, managers become overwhelmed, and performance gains are not sustained. Yet another change initiative with mediocre results that must be buried in the “corporate graveyard”.


That is why, over the past 7 years, we have learned to significantly modify how we implement global best practices, so that the solutions are more ‘culture appropriate’ for how the vast majority of Filipino employees respond to change.

As a result, our clients in the Philippines have been able to experience breakthroughs in their team’s performance more organically, naturally, and rapidly without senior executives having to constantly follow up.

Instead, these executives were able to spend more time on strategic activities to grow and protect their business and less time worrying if their team is taking full ownership and accountability of their work and keeping their customers satisfied.

I used to believe that I must be very strict with my team in order to get results. But thanks to the Kaizen Leadership Asia team, I learned that I also need to be flexible sometimes, to listen more to my team's ideas, and be more open to accepting their inputs so that our implementation is better. It has really helped me think differently about my job.
Bimbo Causing
Sales Manager - Paramount Insurance
Initially, I was concerned that my staff would consider this as additional work. But I was surprised at how quickly they embraced it and how fast we were able to see measurable improvement in performance. Having Mike’s team customize their approach for our needs really helped.
Lesly Lampano
Lesly Lampano
Procurement Director - Manulife
I struggled in the past with delegating tasks. Now, I'm learning to trust in my team's capabilities and know that each moment can be a teaching moment for me and a learning experience for them. Not only did the training improve me as a leader, but it also dramatically improved our team's productivity. Now, no time is wasted.
Dr Sherine Magsino
Dr. Sherine Magsino
Occupational Health Physician - GN Power


We use a scientific-based approach to behavioral change and performance improvement in each assignment to ensure we effectively implement the most appropriate solutions for each team and not just ‘copy-paste’ what we did for another organization.

For each client, we assign a dedicated number of expert coaches and consultants from our team, matching their skills and experience with the specific needs of your organization.

The intention is that our team will effectively transfer all the skills your managers and supervisors need to ensure that the changes we help you implement are sustainable long after our consultants have left.



As much as we are optimistic about the potential of the Philippines, we are under no illusions about how difficult it can be sometimes to make change happen. Especially when many of the behavioral changes you are looking to see in your employees goes directly against local culture norms.

At Kaizen Leadership Asia, everything we do is designed to help your Filipino team break-free from unproductive ways of thinking, and instead, build high performing habits that ensure sustainable outcomes long after our team has left.

That is why the greatest joy we get from our work is seeing our past clients succeeding and thriving years after our assignment with them is complete.

We are not the right fit for everyone.

It’s impossible for us to say yes to all the businesses in the Philippines that inquire about our services.

So to guarantee the quality of our work and to ensure our focus is not diluted, we typically partner with a limited number of multinational companies each year, prioritizing those with larger teams (more than 300 staff) so that we can impact more people.

In some instances, we also partner with organizations with smaller teams, as well as locally-owned and not-for-profit organizations, but this is on a case-by-case basis and dependent on our team’s availability.

Managing Filipino Teams Book by Mike Grogan