Modifying global best practices
for the filipino workforce


A First-World Philippines in our Lifetime: where the vast-majority of Filipino employees wake up inspired, give their best to their team, and go home feeling fulfilled at the end of each day.


To be a catalyst for Leadership Excellence in the Philippines by specializing in helping Western-owned companies create more accountable and proactive teams
(without needing to micromanage).


We are a team of professional coaches and facilitators, led by Lean Management Expert, Mike Grogan, with a combined 100+ years of experience in organizational development and culture change.

So far, we have led transformation initiatives for dozens of multinational and locally owned companies in more than 25 different countries across 5 continents.

Today, we primarily work with Western-owned companies across the Philippines and Southeast Asia to help them accelerate change and achieve rapid growth in the simplest, fastest, and most sustainable way possible.

Managing Filipino Teams Book by Mike Grogan



Mike Grogan is a Lean Management Expert and the Principal Consultant of Kaizen Leadership Asia, living in the Philippines since 2015.

He was directly mentored by Kaizen experts from Toyota in his 7 years working for the Merck Pharmaceutical Company in the US and Europe.

Born in Ireland, Mike has a degree in Chemical Engineering, is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and the author of 3 books on personal and professional development.

Mike Grogan Books

Outside of his work with Kaizen Leadership Asia, Mike’s advocacy and greatest passion is getting more Filipinos to believe in the potential of their country.

He speaks fluent Tagalog and has been a guest speaker for more than 200 different organizations in 30 different provinces across the Philippines (including trips to speak to OFWs in the Middle East and Japan).

To get the latest updates on Mike, connect with him on Linkedin and Facebook.